SILK-138 The bartender enjoys the number

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I am a bartender working in a bar with many years of experience in the profession. Having come into contact with all kinds of customers, I can almost guess the person, personality or situation they are facing just at the first meeting. Tenma Yui is no exception, when But when everyone had gone home, she continued to drink until she was drunk. As soon as I looked at her, I immediately guessed that she was in love. When asked, it was true, she just shared A deep love affair that seemed to end with a perfect wedding ended up breaking up at the last minute just because the other man had an affair. So sad and disappointed that she sat drinking alone in the bar until now. Kurokawa Sumire is a girl with a plump body, pale white skin and big breasts that are full of sauce. So the ex-lover didn't know how to appreciate it and instead chose to betray him. I was extremely hungry for her body when I approached her to clean up the glass of wine she accidentally spilled. In the quiet moment, from behind I suddenly squeezed her breast to probe, unexpectedly. Not only did she not resist, but she seemed extremely interested, probably because she was drunk so she couldn't control herself. With the momentum to advance, I made love to this poor girl all night.

SILK-138 The bartender enjoys the number
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